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Intermail Direct

Get creative, we can handle it!


Nothing says “we care” more than a personalized package assembled just for your recipient. Need a personalized letter in your custom carrier? No problem, we can print it, assemble and ship it. From a few components to many, if personalization is important to your success, we can handle it.


After more than 20 years of hand kitting and fulfillment experience, we’ve seen our share of complex jobs. Intermail Direct has gladly accepted kitting and assembly jobs that most companies would shy away from. Our staff understands that some jobs require a lot of hand work and attention to detail. And that’s what you’ll get when you choose Intermail Direct for your next project.

A Word About Data

Personalization and fulfillment projects require reliable, accurate data transfer between the parties. From lists of names to lists of distribution destinations, Intermail has the technology and infrastructure to handle your data.

Have questions or ideas? We’ll give it to you straight while you’re in the planning stages of your next project.

Intermail Direct