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Intermail Direct
Intermail Direct
Intermail Direct

Competitive rates for all types and sizes of businesses

  • Cities and municipalities
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Associations and Non-profits
  • Printers and Letter Shops
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Healthcare

Are you mailing direct marketing material?  Does your business send brochures, newsletters, annual reports, proxies or enrollment kits? You’re probably paying more than you have to. We’ll give you just the services you need and the delivery option you require (budget or expedited). Either way, you save.

Does your business mail large numbers of packages of any weight, or send boxes of all sizes? What about samples in padded mailers or sleeve-wrapped materials?  We can reduce your shipping costs and enhance your delivery time with Intermail Parcel. And if you need to expedite, ask about Parcel Plus!

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Intermail Direct