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Intermail Direct

Dirty Database? Let us clean it up!

With postage expenses on the rise, there is no bigger waste of money than a dirty list.  Unreliable data and undeliverable mail can foil the best of campaigns.  At Intermail Direct, our priority is to help you meet your business goals with the most effective mailings possible.  To achieve this, we offer a complete range of list processing and clean-up services:

  • ZIP Code™ Correction
  • Carrier Route / ZIP+4® /DPV® / Line-of-Travel Coding
  • Merge / Purge  - Consumer and B to B
  • Address Standardization
  • Postal Presort - All Classes of Mail
  • SuiteLink™ (Assignment of high-rise business suite numbers)
  • LACSLink® (Changes rural-style to city-style addresses)
  • NCOALink® (Apply address changes submitted to the USPS)
  • DSF2™ (Identifies deliverable addresses)
  • Canadian Presort  - Addressed Admail or Publications Mail

Our six-step system allows us to focus on each process completely.  Every record is tracked and accounted for, from first receipt of lists through final output to the mailer.  Throughout each step, our project manager will stay in touch with you to make you aware of any concerns, questions or suggestions we might have.

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Intermail Direct